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Standing up for Sudan: solidarity march in Accra, June 29

Featured Standing up for Sudan: solidarity march in Accra, June 29
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Standing up for Sudan: solidarity march in Accra, June 29

We have formed a broad coalition of individuals and organisations to stage a march in Accra in solidarity with brothers and sisters in Sudan in the wake of military brutality against them for daring to step out for a better future.


Details of the March

The march is slated for June 29 2019 in Accra. It will start at 9am from the Black Star Square (Also called Independence Square) and end at the AU Square (Ridge Roundabout).

Members of the Coalition

The Coalition in solidarity with the People’s Revolution in Sudan is made up of the Economic Fighters League, All-African People’s Revolutionary Party, National Union of Ghana Students, Abibitumi Kasa, Junior Common Room of Hilla Liman Hall (University of Ghana), Africa Youth Improvement Foundation, Radio Yaffe.

All these organisations as well as several individuals are united in our resolve against military brutality in Sudan and in our call for the people’s revolution to be handed back to them.


Over a 100 people have been killed, and hundreds more injured since the Military Transitional Council ordered a crackdown on peaceful revolutionaries on June 3. This was an escalation of a crisis, which started following the removal of long-time leader Omar Al-Bashir on account of a largely peaceful revolution started and led by the people.

The military who immediately constituted themselves into a government after Bashir’s removal have effectively stolen the people’s revolution. Not only that, they have been engaged in killing, maiming, raping the people.

This must stop. It must stop now.

We are calling on all Africans to stand up for Sudan and say no to #sudanmassacre.

Give back the #revolution

Show up.

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