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Test-Congratulatory Message To The EFF

12th May, 2019


We seize this opportunity to congratulate comrade Julius Malema and
the Economic Freedom Fighters on their impressive showing in the
South African elections of May 8.
Results released by the Independent Electoral Commission show that
the EFF has increased its vote tally between 2014 and 2019 by 712,
262. On the contrary, both the ANC and the Democratic Alliance have
lost 1,410,446 and 470,396 respectively. Thus, of the three major
parties, only the EFF is on an upward trajectory moving from 25 seats
to 44 seats in the National Assembly. This is one of the beauties of the
Proportional Representation Electoral System. It promotes a merit-
based system, political inclusion, enhances public accountability and does
away with the winner-takes-all phenomenon such as we have in
Ghana. It is our hope that Ghana learns from this.
We did not have any doubt about the possibility of this outcome when
in our May 6 message to the South African people, we urged them to
vote massively for the EFF. These results give us hope that the
message of economic emancipation is being received well by the
people of Africa and that sooner than later, the systems of exploitation
and oppression held in place through political patronage, corruption,
dispossession and neo-apartheid will be obliterated throughout the


Revolutionary regards

Hardi Yakubu
Fighter-General (0243931165)


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