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Stop Criminalising Nigerians And Other African Nationals

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17th June, 2019

Press Release


We have observed with dismay the continuous criminalisation of our
fellow Africans from Nigeria and other countries. This has come about
as a result of some Nigerian nationals suspected to be involved in
criminal activities. But this does not in any way make all Nigerians
criminals. If some are found breaking the law, they must be dealt with
through the due process of the law, rather than used as the yardstick
for judging everyone from Nigeria.
The penchant to label crime this way is the root of the heinous
Afrophobic attacks that have claimed the lives of many Africans in
South Africa. In our press release of 21st April 2019, we had cause to
condemn these attacks and call for measures against South Africa if
nothing was done to curb them. In the same light, we condemn
attempts by the police and media to reduce the crimes of robbery,
kidnapping and others to the presence of Nigerians in Ghana.
It is important to reiterate our position that no African should be seen
as a foreigner in Ghana or anywhere in Africa for that matter. For we
are all first Africans before being Ghanaians or Nigerians. It is the
preservation of colonially-imposed borders without regard to our larger
Africanness that has caused the division and rancour in our midst. We
must emancipate ourselves from this and unite our forces for
This nation was founded on the ideals of the African personality and
Pan-African solidarity. We must not betray this foundation.
Revolutionary regards

Hardi Yakubu


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