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Statement On CoronaVirus Response

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17th March 2020


1. We have taken note of measures being taken by both government
and sectoral institutions to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. It
is important to ensure optimum coordination, coherence and

2. Everything possible must be done to prevent an escalation. Our
healthcare system is overstretched and will be incapable of handling
a widespread outbreak of COVID-19.

3. Our scientific institutions and academics must be proactive in
working on local solutions including sanitisers and treatments. As
noted in our earlier release, health institutions should be in charge
of public briefings and not politicians.

4. Work should be started and/or hastened to complete all abandoned
health infrastructure across the country and put them to use in
readiness for any escalation.

5. Immediately finalise financial clearance to facilitate the
employment of all unemployed nurses and other health
professionals who have completed training but are left sitting idle,
to augment human resource for optimum handling of cases.

6. Allocate part of the GHC 500 million COVID-19 funding to provide
all necessary protective equipment to nurses, doctors and all other
healthcare professionals in all hospitals, clinics, health centres and
CHPS compounds.

7. Part of the fund should be allocated to provide test kits to all district
hospitals. Ambulances should be equipped and be on standby to
attend to suspected cases.

8. Adequate allocation should be made to the Health Promotion
Directorate of the Ghana Health Service to intensify and extend
public education to the last inch of the country.

9. We expect full transparency in the disbursement of the GHC 500
million and all emergency funding earmarked for dealing with

10. There is the need for clear modalities to provide uninterrupted water
and electricity supply to all parts of the country. It is absolutely
unacceptable to have water shortages and “dumsor” during this

11. Ready revenue sources include recovering stolen monies by
individuals and organisations including but not limited to the
• Over GHC 600 million oil money unaccounted for between 2017
and 2018 as revealed by the Public Interest and Accountability
• GHC 33.7 million from the ten Oil Marketing Companies which
refused to pay their taxes between November 2016 and November
2017 as revealed by the Auditor-General report 2018
• GHC 10.1 million being tax exemptions granted to certain
companies without parliamentary approval
• GHC 25.5 million for 1,719 cars auctioned by the GRA between
2015 and 2017 that could not be accounted for as revealed by the
• More than GHC 3 billion in outstanding taxes not paid by certain
companies as revealed by the Auditor-General
• GHC 184 million paid to Zoomlion without due process in the
matter of the fumigation exercise under the National Mosquito
Control Programme
• GETFund monies

12. We reiterate our call for all to follow the guidelines on hand
washing, social distancing and other preventive measures.
Revolutionary regards

Hardi Yakubu


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