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Fighters Demand The Immediate Release Of Bobi Wine

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Press Release

• The Economic Fighters League has received news of the violent
arrest of Ugandan presidential hopeful, Bobi Wine, and other
leaders of the People Power movement.
• This happened when they arrived at the approved venue to begin
their 2021 election public consultations after obtaining all
necessary permits for public assembly. In Uganda, four (4)
people cannot assemble for political purposes without obtaining
permission from the government agencies. No matter how
obnoxious this law is, the People Power leaders complied with
• The police gave the excuse that People Power should have held
the meeting in closed doors rather than open space and arrested
them. They also fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the
crowd of People Power supporters who had gathered for the said
consultations. Journalists covering the event were also arrested.
• This is the latest of desperate measures being adopted by the
Museveni dictatorship to suppress the people's will.
• We condemn the arrests and demand the immediate release of
our comrades. We also call on all well-meaning people of
conscience all over the world to condemn the high handedness
of Museveni and his rogue regime
• It is obvious that the Museveni dictatorship is doing everything
including using state violence to cling to power.
• We deplore the general trend of old clueless African misleaders
who suppress the youth through arbitrary arrests be it in Nigeria,
Ghana or Uganda, for we are not free until we are all free.
#FreeBobiWine #FreePeoplePower #FreeBobiKyagulanyi
#FreeJoelSsenyonyi #FreeUganda
#WeAreNotFree until #WeAreAllFree

Revolutionary regards
Hardi Yakubu



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