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GETFund Is Another Proof The System Is Rigged Against The People

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Press Statement


The revelations by the Auditor-General of illegal expenditure and
misuse of scholarship funds are another proof of the system’s
treachery against the people.
The Auditor-General documents how members of the privileged class
including members of parliament and ministers of state have over the
years shamelessly appropriated scholarship funds meant for the poor
and needy. In some cases, they have been beneficiaries of large sums
of money running into tens of thousands of dollars. These monies were
spent on personal development courses abroad while millions of
people cannot afford to pay fees for local university education.
We commend the Auditor-General for his meticulous work in exposing
this rot. His report presents yet another clear evidence of what a
messed-up system we have, which has been set up to rob and oppress
the people.
But he should not stop there. He should proceed to disallow, surcharge
and recover the monies that have been so shamelessly appropriated
by people whose salaries and emoluments can in themselves be
enough to pay for other people’s education but who choose to rather
rob from the poor. Beneficiaries such as the Minister of Education,
Mathew Opoku Prempeh, the Minister of Procurement, Sarah Adjoa
Sarfo and others should be made to pay back the money. The
recovered funds should be sent to the Student Loan Trust Fund to
disburse to truly needy students who have been suffering for the delay
in disbursement of their student loans.
Also all the individuals including administrators and directors of the
GETFund – former and present – whose actions and/or inactions have
been found to facilitate the stealing of the people’s money must be
prosecuted and jailed.
The son or daughter of the typical rural woman who is supposed to be
supported with a scholarship to further their education is
disadvantaged because the privileged few after they have eaten all the
bread will not allow them to have even the crumbs left.
Revolutionary regards,

Hardi Yakubu


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