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Why Celebrate A Sakawa Constitution

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Press Release
1. Today is exactly 28 years since the imposition of the 1992
sakawa Constitution - 28 years of enduring an anti-Youth
constitution, a constitution that bars the Youth from putting
themselves forward to be voted for as President; a constitution
that has denied the people Proportional Representation in
governance and effectively created a two party polarized state; a
constitution that has enabled the justification of blatant stealing
by politicians in the name of ex-gratia; a constitution that has
compromised the powers of Parliament as a result of its lack of
2. Constitutions are the foundations upon which democratic
countries are built. They are supposed to guard against
oppression and be the source of hope for the less privileged.
Unfortunately, we are being governed with a constitution that
serves the interest of the powerful few to the suffering of the
3. How long shall we be silent with the assumption that we have a
workable constitution when in fact it is structured to dupe and
rob the majority poor to the betterment of the few rich in society?
4. What is fair about a constitution that grants a privileged few the
power to hand over control of our resources to foreign capital
without our popular consent; a constitution that allows the
privileged few to exercise power without accountability; and
evade justice on account of their wealth and power? What sort
of democratic constitution places some citizens over and above
the law and protects national criminals such as coup makers, as
the 1992 constitution does with the indemnity clauses?
5. We cannot have a bad constitution and expect a good society.
We therefore reiterate our call for the immediate and total
liquidation of the Sakawa Constitution to enable each and every
Ghanaian the right to enjoy economic freedom in their lifetime.
Revolutionary regards

Hardi Yakubu


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