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Hands Off Domelevo

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Press Release


This statement is to show unreserved support to the Auditor-General,
Mr. Daniel Domelevo and the audit service, which has come under
intense attack from partisan political hawks recently, including through
a frivolous petition to EOCO against the Auditor-General.
Under Mr. Domelevo’s leadership, the service has moved from a
toothless report-writing body to a powerful force against stealing in
public office. Over hundred (100) individuals and organisations have
been surcharged and over GHC 60 million recovered. The Senior
Minister, Yaw Osafo-Maafo has recently been surcharged over a
$1million irregular payment to a company called Kroll Associates.
Following this, some people have been unleashed to discredit the
Auditor-General and truncate his work.
We serve notice that we as Ghanaians are in dire need of the money and

therefore support the Auditor-General to collect it from Mr. Osafo-
Maafo and all those whose actions cause losses to the state. We further

call on Mr. Osafo-Maafo to pay the money and tell the attack dogs to
back off.
If the government was serious about fighting public sector stealing, it
would not allow a hardworking Auditor-General like Daniel Domelevo
to be attacked and discredited.
We encourage the Auditor-General to stand firm and not be intimidated
and to do his work without fear or favour. The nation is solidly behind


Revolutionary regards
Hardi Yakubu


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