About Us


We are a radical revolutionary non-partisan social movement asking basic questions;

How many young people in Ghana can afford decent accommodation? How many can yet afford three balanced square meals a day? How many of our hospitals have adequate facilities and requisite trained personnel? How many young people can afford higher or further education without resort to family or friends? And even those who afford this, how many are able to find decent jobs?

These questions reveal the silent reality lived by the youth of our country. People are struggling, in their closets. And this is a result of the failure of the current generation of leaders that has been in charge of this country for many decades. That generation has squandered the opportunity to make this country a better place for the youth.

Their failure has entrenched a system by which our resources benefit foreigners more than they benefit Ghanaians; a system which allows our collective wealth to serve the greed of a few rather than the needs of all; a system called Neo-colonialism

We are fighting for a Ghana for all; a Ghana where young people make the best out of their capabilities; a Ghana where every Ghanaian has unrestricted access to healthcare and education, to good housing and food, to good jobs; a Ghana where Ghanaians can be proud of their responsibility to the State; We are fighting for a Ghana where there is Economic Freedom.

But we cannot achieve Economic Freedom unless we defeat Neo-colonialism, the system by which a small Privileged Class operates in conjunction with foreign interests to deprive the people their needs and the enjoyment of their rights.

There is the need for a unity of purpose among the Oppressed Class, the majority denied their basic livelihood so that others can enjoy luxury, to defeat this system and achieve Economic Freedom in our lifetime. There is the need the critical mass to rise for a revolution.

That critical mass is the Economic Fighters League. But the critical mass can no longer rely on orthodox everyday means to achieve our noble objectives. We need a radical cleansing.

Our Struggle

People ask us, ‘what do you fight?’

We fight against all the symptoms and roots of the system that is preventing Ghanaians from achieving Economic Freedom.

  1. injustice, human rights abuses
  2. labour discrimination, where some workers are paid amounts that cannot take them home and are then abused
  3. stealing in public office in all its forms and guises
  4. molestation and unfair treatment of students
  5. inequality and its dimensions. For instance, we don’t think it is right for some so called article 71 office holders to take huge sums of money after just four years of serving while teachers work for 30 years and take home peanuts.
  6. Neo-colonial education and thought leadership


We fight for economic freedom for all Ghanaians which means;

  • free education from Kindergarten to University
  • national ownership of our national resources
  • African unity
  • labour rights
  • students rights