Ernesto Yeboah, leader of the Economic Fighters League has expressed doubts about government’s one million jobs purported to have been created for the youth of Ghana through various government agencies.

Speaking on Anopa Kasapa on kasapa 102.5 FM, he said successive governments` have made same claims in the past with regards to job creation but lacks any empirical evidence to substantiate such claims.

“Just about two weeks ago, the Labour minister said they have created about one million jobs, they say it without providing us with evidence of their claim, because I don’t know any family member who benefited from this one million jobs and I don’t also have any friend who has been employed in this one million jobs. The erstwhile government led by President Mahama, had one of his ministers come to say that they have created 1.6 million jobs, and with that one too we don’t know who those jobs were created for, so it looks like our leaders are only interested in creating ghost jobs” he told host Kwaku Owusu Adjei.

He argued that if indeed the report on the creation of some one million jobs is something to go by, the unemployment rate in the country would have reduced and its effect would’ve been felt in the country.

“Government is always churning out figure, because they know no one is there to challenge their claims” he said.

The Economic Fighters League released comprehensive guidelines ahead of its #fight4jobs procession yesterday in Accra. The #fight4jobs procession is a nationwide exercise through which the Fighters hope to gather real data on joblessness in Ghana.

The procession which began peaceful saw several youths signed unto the list to be enlisted for possible employment opportunity.

According to Ernesto, there is the need for the government to have real data on the level of unemployment in the country and not depend on international bodies for such data’s.

By: Alex Semordzi

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