Operation Help Bagre Victims

Operation Help Bagre Victims

Oct 5 – Nov 5 2018

The Bagre dam is a hydroelectric dam on the White Volta located in the Bagre area of Burkina Faso. Every year, in the rainy season, the dam overflows causing the managers to spill excess water, which causes massive flooding in Ghanaian communities in Northern Ghana along the Ghana-Burkina Faso border.

This year’s spillage has claimed 34 lives according to NADMO officials who spoke to the media. An estimated 11,000 acres of farmland and more than 5000 homes have been destroyed with about 100,000 people displaced. These people have lost all their belongings. There is the need for a permanent solution but before it arrives, the victims need a reprieve.

As Nkrumaists, the Humanist principle of Nkrumaism enjoins us to rise to the aid of people in need, with compassion and empathy. However, we do not currently have the resources to alleviate their pain. This project has therefore been conceived to mobilise relief items from people in Ghana and elsewhere to support the people get back on their feet in the short term.

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